We are Bloomance

Filmmakers with a flower crush

Bloomance is an online film agency for the international floral industry. Founded by film & TV producers Robin Bruinsma and Arjen Schotel in 2017. Their goal is to bring video and photography content for growers, breeders, traders, florists and other ‘green’ professionals to a whole new level. 

We produce various types of films and also help clients with the overall creative strategy. Whether it is about creating a product campaign for the introduction of new flower species, a series of “how to” tutorials or a special fashion film: Bloomance is happy to help you with the concept and the production.



Our film productions are of a high level. With our experience in TV & film, we know what it is like to let the viewer experience a message in a certain way. We work with the most advanced camera & light equipment and a dedicated team of professionals.

Creative strategy

A well thought-out media strategy is more than just one video. The total experience we want the viewer to get requires so much more. That is why, in addition to a film, we also think along with for example the construction of the web environment, photography, styling and even graphic design.

For every device

A good video production today requires different compatibilities. Multi-usage is important. That is why we make all our productions immediately suitable for the use on various social media channels, various types of web environments (desktop and mobile) and offline experiences.

Our Team

Robin Bruinsma and Arjen Schotel are the 2 creatives of Bloomance. They work together with a team of professionals.

Robin Bruinsma


Robin Bruinsma has a background in styling & production design. As an interior designer, she has received a flawless eye for color palettes, design and how elements work together well in an image. Robin is the first contact for Bloomance and she is responsible for the visual concepts. She is also the director for the various productions.

Arjen Schotel


As a director and producer, Arjen Schotel has more than 15 years of experience in countless TV and online film projects. The experience in making online film campaigns for various commercial brands is particularly useful at Bloomance, where he is involved as a set director and editor.

Our films

We make various types of film productions. From creative concept to filming to final postproduction.

What does a brand stand for and what is the feeling that it should evoke? With a good brand film you can really push the story of the brand itself.

A corporate film tells the story or vision of the company. This can be done in many ways. A good company story is one that creates impact and lingers.

Tutorials are one of the best viewed types of videos by florists. Short videos explaining how to make a specific arrangement or bouquet or giving tips on techniques. Bloomance likes to make these tutorials with a grower or wholesaler as a sponsor.

In addition to grower portraits and tutorials, Bloomance also makes portraits of florists with a shop. Whether it is a small boutique or a modern store, every florist has it’s own unique story.